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How does The Daily’s Photo & Video Section work?

The following questions were answered by The Daily’s Vol. 259 Photo & Video Managing Editor Andy Huynh.

  • What work does your section do?
    The Photo & Video team tells creative, visual stories. We support articles with integrated photo and video aids as well as produce our own original photo essays, short documentaries and online series!
  • What does joining your section entail? How much work does it look like per week?
    We have photographers, videographers, editors, writers and much more! Workload is completely based on you!
  • When does your section meet?
    Photo & Video meets at 4pm PT on Sundays.
  • How can people join your section?
    Join Photo & Video, join #photo-video-259 on The Daily’s Slack.
  • Who can people contact with questions about your section or to join?
    DM Photo & Video Editor @Andy Huynh for questions or to get started!
  • What could a writer stand to gain by joining your section?
    Staffers can learn and practice photography, video production, photo editing, video editing, and how to tell visual stories with a team of amazing people!

How can people submit freelance articles?
Email [email protected] if you are interested in submitting a piece.