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Stanford Daily Vol. 241 Columnist Application

Do you love to write? Do you want to help further discussion of campus issues? Would you enjoy freely sharing your opinions with thousands of readers each week?


Then apply to write your own weekly column for The Stanford Daily during Volume 241 (Feb. 6, 2012 through June 6, 2012).


What is the job?

One column (approximately 750 words) per week for the print and online versions of The Daily


At least (but not limited to) one post per week for The Daily’s new Opinions blog


Contributions to The Daily’s new Opinions Twitter account.


How do you apply?

E-mail eic@stanforddaily.com and savitsky@stanford.edu with the following by Monday, Jan. 23, 2012:


— Your full name, class year and major. If you have written a column for The Daily before, please indicate as much, as well as the volumes you worked. If you have written or currently write for another campus publication, please indicate that, too.


— Short cover letter: No more than 300 words on your motivation for applying to write a column. Some questions you may want to answer include: What kind of perspective on Stanford have you gained from your own academic, social and/or extracurricular experiences? What voices or types of concerns do you think are not adequately addressed on campus? What is your background in writing? If you have written a column for The Daily before, please include your reasoning behind applying again. What is left to be said that you did not touch on before? Do you want to change themes?


— Potential description of your column theme: Though not necessary, a general or overriding theme of the column provides a helpful structure and consistency to that column. Particularly if you relate strongly to particular communities, a theme helps strengthen that voice. If you have written a column for The Daily before, please share your previous column theme.


— A short list of ideas for potential columns (no more than five)


— A sample blog piece between 200-300 words, complete with hyperlinks and general commentary on other Stanford-centric articles and issues floating around the Web.


— A sample column between 500 and 750 words on your view/perspective of one of the following issues: the future of the humanities/liberal education; your potential column theme; the place Stanford or its student has in the world; a feature of campus life or culture that you think is misunderstood.


— [Optional] Any ideas to improve the readership/readability of the Opinions section (both in print and online)