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Welcome, future Daily staffers! 

Click here to apply to join our 255th volume.

Some key dates for our recruitment process:

Sunday, Mar. 31, 2019: Our application goes live

Monday, Apr. 1: Pick up our first edition of the quarter all around the campus!

Wednesday, Apr. 3: Meet the editors at our Open House. 8:00 p.m. at The Stanford Daily’s House (456 Panama Mall).

Friday, Apr. 5: Applications due at 11:59 p.m.!

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor 

Dear future Stanford Daily staffers:

Welcome to The Daily’s application portal! Here, you’ll find information about the sections and teams that comprise our staff.

We publish a newspaper every weekday and produce two magazines each quarter (online as well as in print). We’re also responsible for The Quad, Stanford’s yearbook, which is distributed each June. To make all of this happen, we need a team of staffers — writers, photographers, graphic designers, web developers, business strategists and more — with diverse interests and skill sets.

Our diversity transcends the work we do. Sure, some Daily staffers study communication and English and political science, but we are also computer scientists and electrical engineers and economists. Some of us were editors of our high school papers, but many of us never even considered journalism before coming to Stanford. Our staff includes freshmen as well as grad students. Our staffers also vary in their time commitments to The Daily; some contribute an article or two per quarter, while others attend virtually every production night. We celebrate these differences too, as they bring the broadest swath of Stanford community perspectives to the paper.

No matter your background experience, your area of study or your other campus involvements, we want you to feel empowered to craft a Daily experience that’s most fulfilling (and fun!) for you. This paper is already yours as much as it is ours.

Beyond our work, most staffers say it’s the strong sense of community that keeps them coming back to The House. Amidst the production computers, the newsroom chatter, the deadlines and the free Treehouse pizza, you will also find family.

Our application will be posted on Mar. 31, and it will be due by Friday, Apr. 5 at 11:59 p.m. Those who apply by the 31st are guaranteed a spot on the paper, though we evaluate your application when determining section placements. In the meantime, feel free to read more about our sections and teams on this webpage.

Also, we encourage you all to acquaint yourselves with the work we do here at The Daily — read our paper online here.

We hope you’ll join us as we begin to write the next chapter of The Daily’s history. And we can’t wait to meet you.

With sincerity, and with Daily love,

Claire Wang and Anna-Sofia Lesiv

Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor

If you have any questions about the paper, contact Claire at clwang32 ‘at’ or Anna-Sofia at alesiv ‘at’  

Managing editors’ contact information is listed in each section’s tab!

The News Section

Google defines news as “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.” In fact, the etymology of the term “newspaper” literally comes from two words — “news” and “paper” — smashed together, because it consists of just that: news on paper. Pretty cool, right?

Anyways, if you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to be an active stakeholder in the Stanford community — whether you’re a fresh-eyed frosh who doesn’t know the difference between CoHo and FroSoCo, or a world-weary senior who knows more buildings named after John Arrillaga than you do family members’ birthdays — then writing for News is the spot for you. Whether it’s unveiling the latest scandal, covering a world-famous campus speaker or probing campus issues, the News section has it all.

Think about it like this: without news, a newspaper is just paper. And no one likes paper!

— Ellie Bowen, Julia Ingram and Elena Shao, Managing Editors of News

Contact Ellie at ebowen ‘at’; Julia at jmingram ‘at’; and Elena at eshao98 ‘at’

The A&L Team

The sculptor Marcel Duchamp once declared that “art is not about itself, but the attention we bring to it.” Would you like to bring attention to theatre, film, music and culture at Stanford? Join the Stanford Daily’s Arts & Life staff. Our writers cover events both on campus and around the Bay Area. They attend concerts, private screenings of blockbusters and new plays and musicals. They read the latest bestsellers and enjoy meals at popular restaurants. They have the opportunity to speak with the creators of new works and share their opinions on compelling classics. They write about their passions and shape campus conversation on the arts.

We welcome everyone, whether you have been writing about the arts for years or would just like to learn how to structure a review. Whether you want to become the next Roger Ebert or simply want to bring attention to a few of your favorite things, we’d love to have you on our team.

— Jacob Kuppermann and Amir Abou-Jaoude, Managing Editors of Arts and Life

Contact Jacob at jkupperm ‘at’ and Amir at amir2 ‘at’

The Opinions Section

We don’t care about feigning some unbiased, authoritative voice of truth — we’re just interested in what you really think. Sure, news will give you the latest on the day-to-day, but what does that really mean, and what should you make of it? Answering these questions is where the fun begins.

After all, the Ops section is here to state bluntly what other sections can’t. So, if debating with fellow writers over the latest university affairs, being the first to hear the hottest Stanford gossip and having a hand in choosing what our campus talks about for weeks to come sounds like fun —send us an application.

We all have opinions, but only some of us will have the opportunity to publish them in the pages of the Stanford Daily — Will that be you?

— Liz Lindqwister, Managing Editor of Opinions

Contact Liz at elindqw ‘at’

The Grind Team

Are you funny? Do you have a lot of opinions? Do you like writing in a low-pressure, fun environment? Do you, in fact, like writing about whatever you want? Are you at least somewhat sort of interesting?

If you answered “yes” or “these feel like leading questions, but yes” to any or all of the above, The Grind is the place for you. We cover most everything about campus life, usually in the form of short, opinionated listicles or long-form personal essays — all with a unique sort of pizzazz and spirit that makes The Grind one of the Daily’s most well-read sections.

— Angie Lee, Managing Editor of The Grind

Contact Angie at angielee ‘at’

The Sports Section

Sports, sports, sports! Quick reasons why you should join the Daily’s most prolific section! If you have always dreamed of getting sports journalism experience, come down to sports! We are the backbone of the newspaper, publishing 5-6 articles each day in peak seasons! Write multiple times a week! Get published every single day! It doesn’t matter how much you currently know, if you have even an inkling of inclination to write about any sport under the sun, we’ll help you out and make it happen! Learn how to cover live sporting events, write previews and recaps, interview Stanford athletes and coaches, and achieve your dream of not cheering in the press box! Get cool media credentials and sit courtside at Maples! Write a feature on an interesting sports story, illustrating an inspiring personal narrative to the whole world! Become a columnist and tell ME what YOU think about stuff! Crazy! Sports is the perfect place to find like-minded sports nuts to watch Stanford football games with, grab lunch at Arrillaga with, or relax with late nights in the Daily building! Come build a great community with us and join Sports!

— Bobby Pragada and Alejandro Salinas, Managing Editors of Sports

Contact Bobby at bpragada ‘at’ and Alejandro at asalinas ‘at’

Copy Team

“The Stanford Daily” is one of the most commonly-read publications on campus if not the most. With a staff of over two-hundred students, joining the Daily means join a community that you can call Home. We have; free pizza, a cool office-space, and couches far superior to those in old union. No matter you passion or your talent, the Daily has something for everyone.

If the grammatical and syntactical errors in the above sentences were maddening for you to read, then copy is the section for you! Copy editors’ jobs are twofold and involve both editing other people’s articles as well as helping lay out the print paper. If you self-identify as a grammar Nazi, enjoy eating free pizza whilst editing and are okay with not using the Oxford comma (I know — it’s hard to part with), then apply today!

— Head Copy Editor Claire Francis

Contact Claire at claire97 ‘at’

The Podcast Team

Have you always wanted to join the Daily, but never seen a place for yourself?

Have an interest for podcasts, motion graphics, or other forms of new media?

Want to join of group of individuals excited to be on the brink of the newest form of media?

Then the Daily Podcast team is the place for you.

As one of the newest teams at the Daily, we’re excited to bring in new people, with ideas on what they would like to see in the ways we cover news. Through use of our equipment, you’ll be covering events, places, and people on Stanford campus, trying to engage them in ways they haven’t seen before. We can’t wait to meet you!

— Chloe Barreau and Leily Rezvani, Managing Editors of Podcast

Contact Chloe at cbarreau88 ‘at’ and Leily at lrezvani ‘at’

The Graphics Team

Do you enjoy illustration or design? Ever wonder how a magazine is put together? Want to up your visual communication skills?

Join The Daily Magazine’s Graphics Squad!

All three parts of The Daily’s team work together to produce a bi-quarterly magazine to supplement the daily newspaper. If you want to join us, no prior experience necessary! We’ll teach you how to create a layout from scratch in Adobe InDesign, manipulate and perfect a photo in Adobe Photoshop, creating infographics in Adobe Illustrator, and craft sleek, interactive data visualisations in Tableau, the industry standard for design.

Whether you’re more interested in the layout, artistic, or graphics side, we have a place for you! The Graphics Team is designed to help you grow as a designer and develop relationships with other editors and Daily staffers. Through weekly meetings, training sessions with editors, and social events, you’ll soon be a design expert.

Miranda Li, Managing Editor of Graphics

Contact Miranda at mirandal ‘at’

The Tech Team

Things we do include full-stack web development for our website and developing our mobile app with React Native, designing the graphics and UI/UX for both our website and app, working to make data more open and accessible on campus, and working with data analytics and visualizations to make great stories. And we are open to new ideas or technologies to engage our readers around campus and throughout the world. Join the tech team to work with talented engineers and designers on tech projects with real impact!

Also, check out our GitHub:

— Ashwin Ramaswami, Chief Technical Officer

Contact Ashwin at ashwin ‘at’

The Photography Team

Are you interested in photography?

Do you want your photos to be seen by 8,000+ people?

Do you want access to events with speakers such as Hillary Clinton and Jill Biden?

Do you want to experience the stressful but IMMENSELY rewarding journalistic experience of putting out a DAILY newspaper but then think to yourself “what am I thinking I can’t write”?

Join The Daily’s Photography section!

(Trust us on that last one — why they make the Photography Managing Editors write blurbs we’ll never know. We’re not part of any text-producing sections for a reason.)

(Also, you can totally be in Photography and a text-producing section if you want!)

Other stuff that you can also do as part of Photography:

    • Access our equipment and photo studio
    • Pursue photojournalism with photo series in our magazine
  • Be part of a group who cares about photography and the importance of visuals in journalism, and want to make changes that reflect this in The Daily

Take a shot and apply to Photog!

— Evan Peng, Managing Editor of Photography

Contact Evan at pengevan ‘at’

The Stanford Daily Business Team

Join The Daily’s business team for real-life business experience in a fun and welcoming environment!  The Business Team is looking for students interested in marketing + branding design, advertising, operations, product development and more.
No prior experience is necessary, and business team members may work for other sections of the paper concurrently.
Team members will also have the option to participate in a 3-5 unit independent study on The Daily’s business operations. The study is led by our team, and advised by communications professor, department chair and SIEPR fellow Jay Hamilton.
Our work is loosely sorted into (but not limited by) the following categories:
Marketing + Branding: Build The Daily’s brand through graphic design, merchandise and event organization, while also increasing awareness and understanding of our many products through novel marketing methods.
Advertising: Want to coordinate ads with companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft? We are updating our ad packages to reach new clients and to build new relationships with The Daily’s existing print and online advertisers.

Operations: On top of updating our print distribution route for the first time since the 90s, we are optimizing our presentation of online content, social media and more to better reach potential readers.

Product Development: We are better connecting The Daily with the Stanford community through ideas such as a job recruitment board, campus event calendar, interactive articles, sponsored content and more.
Whether you like the above ideas or have business ideas of your own, we’d love to have you on board.
— Holden Foreman, Business Team Director
Contact Holden at hs4man21 ‘at’