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How does The Daily’s Humor Section work?

The following questions were answered by The Daily’s Vol. 259 Humor Managing Editor Lana Tleimat.

What work does your section do?

We publish humor and satire articles, as well as produce funny videos.

What does joining your section entail? How much work does it look like per week?

We accept writers of all commitment levels, but we encourage writers to attend weekly meetings on Sundays and contribute an article a week.

When does your section meet?

4 p.m. PT on Sundays.

How can people join your section?

Join our slack channel and message either Lana Tleimat or Sarah Lewis, or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

What could a writer stand to gain by joining your section?

You will make friends, become a stronger writer and get used to coming up with ideas in a collaborative setting. Also it’s just a lot of fun.

How can people submit their work?

Fill out this form!