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Group funding

  • Martin Altenburg ’21: Make sure that clubs and activities are getting funding on a timely basis and make funding for student groups and activities more organized and individualized
  • José Antonio Ávalos ’21: Distribute ASSU funds based on need and on a case-by-case basis
  • Faa Diallo ’21Expedite the club funding process
  • Leya Elias ’21: Distribute student groups funds more equitably and make applications for funding more accessible
  • Melissa Loupeda ’21: Standardize funding guidelines
  • Tyra Nicolay ’21: Advocate for fairer student group funding
  • Josh Nkoy ’21Fight for greater allocation of funding to students and support the right of students to withhold ASSU funding toward any use they believe is undeserving
  • Rodolfo Salazar ’21: Advocate for a fairer distribution of funds to groups and communities on campus
  • Zakaria Sharif ’21: Better allocate funds to extracurriculars and streamline the funding process
  • Michal Skreta ’21: Streamline the student group funding process
  • Tim Vrakas ’21: Group Funding: Regular funding of greek life events is a violation by the senate of its own constitution but funding should continue until some fair solution can be developed
  • Matt Wigler ’19: Ensure fairness and equity in a streamlined funding process for all student organizations