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  • Martin Altenburg ’21: Continue to expand bridge programs (like the Leland Scholars Program) and resources for students from first-generation and low income backgrounds
  • Leya Elias ’21: Pay attention to the voices of first-gen/low income and LGBTQ communities as well as students of color, indigenous students and students with disabilities
  • Jon Johnson ’21: Support the inclusion of multiple voices and empower those who are silenced
  • Bennett Lewis ’21: Streamline and advertise the process to launch new and inclusive student groups
  • Melissa Loupeda ’21: Facilitate academically-oriented outreach that promotes inclusivity
  • Mauricio Morfin ’21: Expand transitional programs like the Leland Scholars Program
  • Tyra Nicolay ’21: Advocate for underrepresented communities
  • Rodolfo Salazar ’21: Elevate the voices of low-income students, first generation students, students of color and LGBTQ students
  • Sefa Santos-Powell ’21: Finds “the consistent maintenance of white supremacist thought in our school’s events” to be “qwhite [sic] distasteful”
  • Zakaria Sharif ’21: Increase support for communities of color and first generation students and increase diversity on the faculty
  • Jianna So ’21: Amplify the voices of marginalized communities on campus
  • Melody Yang ’21: Support better conversations about “class, privilege, gender identity, race and microaggressions” in student dorms