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A couple thousand miles of clarity

We joke a lot about the “sophomore slump” here at Stanford, as I’m sure they do at any other university. But for me and a lot of the people who’ve surrounded me during the past year, the level of stress and occasional anguish that people often commiserate with by slapping on a goofy, overused label felt like a lot more of a “plummet” than a “slump.”

Turning the Tables

Last year, as a newly anointed frosh, my RAs sent me to check out the activities fair. The upperclassmen that I met during NSO warned me to be careful as to how many clubs I signed up for. They also warned me about excessively giving out my email to too many lists. So naturally, I…

On drinking with my parents

My parents have always been relatively laid back about drinking. They’d assumed that desensitizing their children to alcohol in our teens would make us less inclined to abuse it later on, so they gave us sips of wine at family dinners and allowed us to drink cider at summer picnics. And thus far, their theory…

Dorm Sweet Dorm

Three words: we are back! From the many bike crashes I have unfortunately witnessed around campus, to the painfully optimistic commentary on the difficulty of classes in the dining hall, to the bookstore line flooding out the door, it is clear that fall quarter is in full swing. Of course, I am so happy to…