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The Top 5 ice cream shops in Palo Alto

As the weather begins to cool down, say goodbye to summer with the best sweet treat around. Here are the best ice cream places in Palo Alto!

CREAM – 440 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA

Since its opening in June 2013, CREAM has maintained its large fan following. For the first few months, it was impossible to get an ice cream sandwich without waiting for at least 30 minutes. Even though the hype has now died down, the high-quality cookies and ice cream still remain. Choose from 17 different cookie flavors (including gluten-free and vegan options) and 20 different ice cream flavors to create the best ice cream sandwich you’ve eaten. A traditional, two-cookie ice cream sandwich comes to about $3. Its menu also includes floats and milkshakes. CREAM provides a delicious and creative way to eat your favorite cookies and ice cream, and overall, lives up to the hype.

Palo Alto Bakeries Disappoint, Not Worth Their Salt

As weekend lounging at cafes and bakeries seems to be one of the most popular pastimes for Palo Alto residents, it comes as a great surprise that Palo Alto bakeries are not the orgy of butter, fermented delight and quaint Palo Alto that you would come to expect from observing the local lifestyle. Bakeries, it turns out, are surprisingly out of line with the city’s bustling restaurant scene.

Still, a few gems do exist, though no bakery is better across the board. In several cases, I suggest buying bakery products from your local natural foods store, which are often of better quality than the offerings from Palo Alto bakeries.

Keep in mind that the ratings below are only for bread and pastries. Prepared foods are completely excluded.

Austintatiously Southern

This past weekend I was in Austin, Texas, for a mid-quarter jaunt. I picked Austin as my vacation destination on the sole basis of its phenomenal food scene: one of my friends told me there were lots of tacos to be had. Incidentally, that same friend later decided not to join us. We would no longer be on talking terms, if not for how truly explosive our dining experiences were.

This grill is on fire

Saving you the hassle of scrambling for a dinner venue for tonight, we give the low-down on Palo Alto’s best Valentine’s Day menu.
We’ve all been on that one Valentine’s dinner from hell.

You know the one: tacky decor, middling food, overpriced wine and — worst of all — the rude waiter, sick from serving roomfuls of doe-eyed couples all night. At best, it is the worst date you and your valentine will have; at worst, it is your last.