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Thank you to our 2015 interns!

The Daily staff would just like to take a quick moment to thank all of our wonderful interns, who participated (read: tolerated) us for about eight weeks of their summer, writing for practically all of our sections and contributed so much time and effort to help run The Daily over the summer.

These bright and wonderful high schoolers hail from all across the Bay Area and came to the office every Wednesday to join us for workshops, food, and fun. The editors and I had so much content that we honestly felt like we were running a normal paper, and we definitely had a great time mentoring you and giving you practical experience on what it was like doing collegiate journalism.

You are all going to go forth and do great things in life, and we wish you the best in your journey through the remainder of high school and throughout your life! Come back to us next summer!

If you or someone else you know is interested in participating in our future summer high school internship programs, please contact Catherine Zaw at czaw13 ‘at’ gmail.com!

Make some, save some – DIY acai bowls

Try making your own acai bowl! (ALINA ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

Try making your own acai bowl! (ALINA ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

In the past year or so, acai bowls have been popping up on Instagram, Snapchat and in different restaurants here in Palo Alto. And though the bowls can be a sweet, filling and relatively healthy brunch option, they can get pricey at around $8 a bowl. Here’s how to make them in your own (dorm) kitchen! (Not to mention that some of these ingredients are snaggable at your local dining hall.)

(ALINI ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

(ALINA ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

What you’ll need for the base: an acai berry pack, a few heaping spoonfuls of yogurt, a ripe banana, a few spoons of frozen berries and a spoonful of peanut butter

You can find acai packs at Costco, Whole Foods, Sprouts and Safeway for about $1 a pack. The pack itself suggests adding juice or a non-dairy liquid (like coconut water or almond milk), but I’ve found that yogurt makes the bowl creamy and easier to blend.

Making a bowl or smoothie is a great way to use slightly overripe bananas, which add more natural sweetness. One to two bananas will work depending on your preference. Frozen berries give the bowl its rich, purple color and I always buy them in bulk for smoothies. Any frozen fruit, like pineapple or mango, would work. Finally, I love adding peanut butter for extra protein and flavor (think peanut butter and jelly), but be careful not to add too much.

(ALINI ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

(ALINA ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

Which toppings to use: a few spoonfuls of granola, ½ a banana, assorted berries and other fruit

Granola adds a nice crunch to the otherwise smooth bowl. If you don’t have granola, you can use cereal. Chop up any fruit you have into a bite-sized pieces for the top of the bowl, but berries are always a good option. I always use bananas, because I’ve found that their taste and texture complement the smoothie base and crunchy granola perfectly.

(ALINI ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

(ALINA ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

Blend all base ingredients until smooth. If you’re making this for just yourself, using a small, personal blender is easiest. The base should be a thick, smoothie consistency. If the color is too light, add more frozen berries.

(ALINI ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

(ALINA ABIDI/The Stanford Daily)

Assemble your bowl. Add and arrange your toppings of choice and eat (or serve) immediately. Acai bowls are more filling than you’d imagine and make a great post-hike or pre-study snack!


Contact Alina Abidi at alinafabidi ‘at’ gmail.com.

Stanford startup Dishful brings home-cooked meals to the marketplace

Here’s the question on everyone’s mind: what to eat tonight?

Enter Dishful, a startup recently founded by Stanford and University of Southern California alums, that is introducing a novel concept to eating healthful, homemade meals, delivered to your door.

Dishful’s main goal is to promote a shared economy of dining that connects the home chef with customers, the “diners.” Diners choose a dish from Dishful’s website, and their order is delivered to any location from San Jose to Daly City. Chefs set their prices to cover labor and ingredient costs and diners pay this price along with a $4 delivery fee.   Read more >>

On Pride, Caltrain and “Good Vibes”

On Sunday, June 28, a couple of miscreant Stanford Daily interns planned to catch the 9:34 a.m. Caltrain from Menlo Park. Sleepy, frustrated, and sore from the previous day’s ridiculous how-do-we-get-to-Bart treks (i.e. walking through the same parts of the city again and again before we realized that we could just ask someone—residents do know the city better than Google maps does), we waited for the train that was now 11 minutes late.

“Expect crowded trains,” said the mechanical voice.

A collective groan.

“Crowded” proved to be an understatement.

Venus and Jupiter converge again for their billions-year-old anniversary

Venus and Jupiter, practically hugging on the last night of June. (CATHERINE ZAW/The Stanford Daily)

Venus and Jupiter, practically hugging on the last night of June. (CATHERINE ZAW/The Stanford Daily)

Did you miss Tuesday night’s astronomical phenomenon?

After weeks of traveling through the starry sky, Jupiter and Venus finally converged June 30. They were one-third of a degree apart, in other words, closer than the diameter of a full moon. NASA describes them as looking like a double star. Venus was the brighter one, about six times so, than Jupiter due to its reflective clouds and proximity to Earth, despite being just one-tenth of Jupiter’s size.

After tonight, alas, Venus and Jupiter will separate and sink towards the horizon.

But mark July 18 on your calendars! That day, a crescent moon will join the planets once more, their conjunction spanning less than four degrees. Jupiter and Venus will resurface in late August and meet again, albeit farther apart, at dawn on October 26, 2015.


Contact Adele Shen at shen.adele ‘at’ gmail.com.

Best song ever?

“So what kind of music do you listen to?”

I freeze in terror. Quickly, I run through my options, suppressing my instinct to blurt out reputation-destroying words like “One Direction” and “Top 40 Pop Hits.” I consider my interrogator, who just told me, “I really liked Hozier, but he’s so mainstream now.”

“Alternative,” I decide. That’s a safe answer, right? Read more >>

A BITE of culinary innovation

Last weekend, a gastronomical affair hit Silicon Valley, as the food festival BITE Silicon Valley came to amaze everyone who was lucky enough to get a ticket. Restaurants from all over the Bay Area, from Palo Alto to San Francisco, offered a variety of unique and creative culinary delights.

Wineries from all over northern California presented their wines and offered everyone a taste to go with their food. From champagne served over ice to cabernet sauvignon, merlot and pinot grigio, every variety was there to be tasted and enjoyed.


Air Conditioning on Campus: Where to stay cool

Summer weather is finally upon us. If you’re not done with finals yet, then the fountains aren’t an option to cool off. The Daily is putting together a list of place on campus that are well air-conditioned so that you can study in peace for your last few finals.

Check out our map below for all the places on campus where you can beat the heat. Got more places? Tell us in the comments!