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Zora Ilunga-Reed
Zora Ilunga-Reed is a columnist and a junior studying Philosophy & Literature. A native New Yorker, she was a Copy Editor, Desk Editor and Staff Writer in volumes past. Read her column if you want to hear her thoughts on the woes of humanities students, tech culture and more.

Opinion | ‘Police on Santa Teresa’

Whether on the subway in New York or on a bike on campus, the appearance of law enforcement in my periphery is never welcome and often unnerving. I know I’m not alone in this. Further, I know I’m among the most privileged given my relatively rosy encounters with cops. This worries me more as I consider the future of housing at Stanford.

Opinion | Shoring up truth

When I read last week that a majority of Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen, the fact that they and I “just don’t see things the same way” was an insufficient conclusion to the debate, writes Zora Ilunga-Reed.

Queer cohesion?

The student identified as “Basil” has been given a first-name pseudonym, since they requested anonymity for privacy reasons. Additionally, the student identified as “John” asked that his last name be kept anonymous for privacy reasons. “There are few spaces for cis gay/bi men on campus. We party here.” That was the original title of an…

21st Senate passes first bill on committee reform

The 22nd Undergraduate Senate passed its first bill to reform Senate’s standing committees’ bylaws. Senators also discussed a new bill introduced by Senator Jonathan Lipman ’21 which would request that the Hoover Institution be included in the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in a Learning Community (IDEAL) dashboard.

Senate discusses committee reform

The bulk of the third meeting of the 21st Undergraduate Senate was spent discussing a bill that would reform the current standing committee system of the Senate, which organizes senators into specific committees focused on various issues. The meeting itself was kicked off with a half-hour closed meeting between senators and Financial Manager LoMo Phillips…
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