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Zak Sharif
Zak Sharif is a freshman staff writer for Arts & Life. He hopes to major in economics and minor in creative writing. Zak hails from Columbus, Ohio, and believes it to be the best city around, even if you don't. To contact Zak, email zsharif 'at'

‘Gringo’ is a confounding comedy

Some films are good, some are bad and some are just confounding. It’s now been a full 24 hours since I first viewed “Gringo,” and to be quite honest, I’m still not sure if I could tell you what it’s about. Each time I attempt to classify it, the words that appear on the page…

In 2018, celebrity heroes are dead

In 2018, celebrity heroes are dead. First there was Kevin Spacey, then there was Matt Lauer, Dustin Hoffman, Matt Weiner and, most recently, Aziz Ansari. All were towering figures of art and culture who at one point could credibly stake a claim as one of the greatest in their fields. They were giants. I was…

‘Darkest Hour’ may be Joe Wright’s darkest hour in his career yet

English director Joe Wright is known for his particular affinity for the sumptuous. Whether it’s his debut feature film “Pride & Prejudice” or the critically-lauded “Atonement,” Wright excels at examining grandiose moments of the past. Unfortunately, “Darkest Hour” appears to value those moments over an engaging story, moving from set piece to set piece without…
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