Yuto Kimura

Potential limits on spectators could change atmosphere of college sports

The COVID-19 pandemic has had drastic effects on most of the world, with sports being no exception. The sports world, at all levels of competition, cane to a halt in March. Professional tennis, basketball, hockey and golf were just a few of the sports that had their seasons suspended due to the pandemic, and their collegiate counterparts shared the same fate. Then the 2020 Summer Olympics were postponed one year.

Future of residence-based SLE program remains uncertain in upcoming year

Despite the University's intent to commence 2020-21 instruction on Sept. 14 with a limited on-campus housing plan, the details of the presence and structure of several residential programs remain unknown. The decisions to cancel residence-based Sophomore College and move both the Leland Scholars Program (LSP) and New Student Orientation (NSO) to a remote programming, along with the University’s new hesitancy about bringing students back to campus, does not bode well for the future of the residence-based Structured Liberal Education (SLE) program.
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