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Yusra Arub
Yusra Arub is a high school senior writing for the University beat. She is interested in sociology and digital humanities. When she is not writing poetry or reading, she is baking for friends and family or playing soccer. Contact her at yusraarub19 ‘at’

Iranian Studies program hosts speaker to discuss art and activism

“When certain objects produce a certain set of effects in a given context for a group of people, that is the structure of feeling,”  art history scholar Pamela Karimi told her audience Thursday night. “And sometimes the structures of feeling are personal and idiosyncratic — but more often they occur across generations.” A history of…

Two Stanford professors elected to National Academy of Engineering

Two Stanford professors are among the 86 new members elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) this year. Bioengineering, psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor Karl Deisseroth and computer science professor Monica Lam were honored “not just for science or engineering work, but also their managing skills,” NAE spokesperson Randy Atkins told The Daily.  “They…
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