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Bernie’s army

I had my first good laugh about the elections in ages when I got the following message from a dear friend: “Remember when Dolores Umbridge took over Hogwarts and there were Dementors watching the castle and everyone except the Slytherins were scared out of their fucking minds? Imagine if the Slytherin kids went around telling everyone that they need to be supportive and understanding of the Dementors. Now of course, not all Slytherin kids were assholes like Draco Malfoy, I’m sure some were cool too and were just trying to make a good living.”

The progressives’ folly

I so strongly believed in a Clinton victory because my real and virtual social life existed in an echo chamber. Most of my friends were graduate students or white-collar professionals. They were diverse, cosmopolitan, and had been educated in some of the best universities in United States. We reassured ourselves of Clinton’s victory because we could not imagine that Trump could ever represent us.