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Yanichka Ariunbold

Showing up to conversations

Yanichka Ariunbold discusses reframing conversations around cultural differences on campus, and how Stanford often doesn't make people come to terms with the existence of these differences around them.

Tinder but for white people

“You know, I’m really not into Asian guys. I’m into more … manly guys.” My friend tells me this over dinner, and, with my spoon hovering over my tortilla soup, I don’t feel hungry anymore. The problematic implications attached to my friend’s seemingly offhand words floor me: the casual racism behind branding an entire group…

Let’s get down to defeat the barbarians

Savage, evil, sex-crazed: Chinggis Khan, the conqueror of the beginnings of the largest contiguous land empire in history, is shrouded in controversy — his very name, usually mispronounced, often said with a curled lip and disgusted tone by professors and students alike. Throughout history, his legacy has been accompanied by descriptions of the Mongols as…
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