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Yael Lederman

Greek life tackles sexual assault

In 2011, students from a fraternity at the University of Vermont circulated an email with the subject line “who do you want to rape list?” In 2010, Delta Kappa Epsilon members at Yale paraded around campus chanting what The Yale Daily News would later deem “an active call for sexual violence.” Greek life has often found itself at the center of the sexual assault discussion nationwide. Although this issue is not isolated to Greek life, media and society often buy into a negative stigma of frequent sexual assault in the Greek community, often painting Greek life in a negative light. This year, many Greek institutions at Stanford and their members are pushing back against this stigma. Madeleine Lippey ’18, philanthropy chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma, started a campaign called No More to help bring awareness to the issue and spur tangible action.

Stanford researchers find more efficient way to drill for water

With the increasing issue of the California drought, a Stanford-led project is using a new technique to detect underground water without having to reach it. Taking advantage of existing technology originally developed for finding other natural resources, the scientists hope to increase the efficiency of well-drilling for water.
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