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Editorial Board: Reform should not be rushed

While we appreciate the commitment to reform and support the proposed amendment, we question the decision to set the special election for Dec. 4 and Dec. 5 because it leaves unsatisfactory time for meaningful debate about the bill. Furthermore, holding the election during Dead Week — as students are focusing on exams and finishing the quarter — may limit voter turnout and thereby threaten the bill’s chance of passing.

Editorial Board: The doldrums of freedom

This Board is worried by the increasing homogeneity of experience on campus. Stanford University is not doing enough to encourage the creative, wacky, eccentric environment that has made Stanford different — and an oasis — for decades. Our advice to Stanford is to follow the model of the tech industry, to which it is so closely linked: disrupt. Rather than following the other prestigious universities, we should chart our own course that pushes students to think differently and act differently, if they so choose.