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Editorial Board: A way forward for the new administration

Last week, The Daily’s editorial board met with new University president Marc Tessier-Lavigne to discuss his transition to Stanford and his hopes for his tenure, as well as his perspective on current campus issues such as alcohol and sexual assault. During our conversation, Tessier-Lavigne expressed repeatedly his desire to better engage with students and collaborate in developing constructive policies; as a group, we noted that while students and administrators both care about the well-being of the Stanford community, failures in communication have led to controversy and student discontent over the past year.

Editorial Board: Full Moon on the Quad and the lack of ‘dialogue’

After several editorial meetings, however, it became clear that we were discussing the issue of FMOTQ not because of the working group’s resolutions but because we were perturbed by said group’s very existence. We had, in effect, been galvanized into developing an “official opinion” by the simple announcement of a University-led conversation on FMOTQ, a topic on which 88 percent of students had already made up their minds.

Editorial Board: New alcohol policy will cause more harm than good

On Monday, the University announced that, beginning this fall, hard alcohol will be prohibited at all undergraduate parties and distilled liquor containers will be restricted to those under 750 mL (a “fifth”). In his email to the student body, Vice Provost of Student Affairs Greg Boardman presented the policy as “an opportunity to embrace new cultural norms,” aimed at improving campus drinking culture and reducing alcohol misuse at Stanford.