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Vilina Mehta
Vilina Mehta '22 writes for The Grind and News. She is also a Desk Editor for the high school summer journalism workshop. Outside of The Stanford Daily, Vilina enjoys scientific research, playing the piano/flute, and volunteering. Contact her at vmehta19 'at'

The humanities as a source of happiness

Happiness is a choice. This is a quote that is often spread in hopes of inspiring others, but how was I supposed to choose to be happy when I had three problem sets to do while battling a constant cough and fever from the flu virus? Winter quarter was a devastating quarter for me. The…

Awkward encounters on the Farm

“Hey, what’s up?” “Hi! I’m just heading to lunch.” “Alright, I’m going to class but I’ll see you later. Have a good lunch!” “Thanks, you too!” *Shamefully realizes that doesn’t make sense.* Conversations such as this one are not uncommon in my daily life here at Stanford. I have had no dearth of awkward encounters,…

On wholesome stranger interactions

College can often be a stressful place. With challenging classes to juggle alongside social obligations and extracurricular activities, it can consume us. I have found that positive interactions with others often mitigates this stress. In addition to seeing friends and familiar faces, many times the most unexpected interactions can make us happier. Here are a…

The frosh plague

You pulled an all-nighter finishing that p-set because you’re a master procrastinator, you went to your extracurricular activity, you ate dinner with your friends and then you went to an event. You thought you could do it all. You wake up the next morning with a sore throat and a fever. You think, “No, there’s…

Perspectives from the O’Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm

Ever wondered why Stanford is affectionately called “The Farm?” Stanford actually has its roots in farming, and the university is located on the old Palo Alto farm of the university founders Leland and Jane Stanford. The Stanfords’ founding grant decreed that “a farm for instruction in agriculture” should forever be maintained on university lands. A few…

FroSoCo: myth vs. fact

“So, it was nice to meet you! Where are you living?” “I’m in FroSoCo!” “Ohhh, I’m sorry to hear that. Isn’t it really quiet and far? Aren’t the people really intense and nerdy?” I have had this type of conversation with several undergraduates here at Stanford. FroSoCo stands for Freshman Sophomore College, and it is…
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