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Venkataraman: Fostering change with one proclamation

We live in a world driven by instant connections, with ready access to resources previous generations could only dream of. And yet, ignorance and hatred continue to fuel strife and violence all over the world. Be it religion, culture, caste or creed, the human race continues to be its own worst enemy. We like to think that we’ve outgrown the mistakes of our past, that this time around we will correct injustice before it happens, as opposed to retroactively applying a cure to something already diseased.

Venkataraman: Enjoying perhaps the last Brady-Manning duel

Brady-Manning XV. Was there ever any doubt?

In this wild and wacky NFL season, complete with all the hallmarks of true drama, including, but not limited to, stirring comebacks, coaching malfeasance, strange fines, blown calls, concussion controversy and even some occasionally excellent football, the AFC playoffs find themselves perched on the precipice of another entry in the logbook of the quarterback rivalry of our generation.

Venkataraman: A big refereeing problem in the NFL

As far as football goes, the past few days have been some of the worst in history for me. My high school got matched up against a powerhouse in the CCS playoffs, Stanford suffered a horrific loss to the Men of Troy, the 49ers couldn’t put away the Saints and oh yes, my Patriots lost on Monday Night Football. About the Stanford loss I shall not speak one word, for that wound is still far too raw.