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Devin Gupta
Devin Gupta is a high schooler writing as part of The Daily's Summer Journalism Workshop.

Alumni launch Snorkel, rethink machine learning

Founded in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, Snorkel began as a research project for former Stanford Ph.D. students. Their research became the foundation for their company, a data management product which helps companies build, manage and monitor AI applications. Today, Snorkel works with various partners, including Stanford Medicine and Google.

Stanford professors present research on holding a COVID-19 election

Stanford faculty gathered on July 28 for a webinar discussing options for holding a fair election during a pandemic, and presented research that gave insight on vote-by-mail and COVID-19’s impact on political preferences. The event was hosted by Stanford Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRiSS) and moderated by political science professor Michael Tomz.

Stanford-led project to help decongest coronavirus self-reporting hotlines in Peru wins MIT hackathon

A group of Stanford, MIT, Harvard and Brown students have proposed utilizing a machine learning chatbot to decongest COVID-19 self-reporting hotlines in Peru, an idea developed as a part of an MIT hackathon addressing international COVID-19 issues. The team named their project Simi, “which has connotations with mouth and communication” in Latin America, according to group member and Stanford student Valeria Wu ’22.
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