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Tristan Wagner

Is the internet a means to an end?

The idea of being “from the internet” marked a shift in conceptualizing the Internet as a means of communication between places, which had always been its function, to viewing it as a place in its own right.

Songtology: What’s in a song?

For how important music is to us, we don’t understand much about it. Some people engage with music actively, choosing to do nothing else while they listen to it, and others use it passively as a soundtrack to accompany the events of their lives. Some people turn to sad songs when they are sad and others avoid them entirely. We feel a profound sense of ownership over the music we discover and show to our friends. What accounts for these feelings? And how are they changing with the digitalization of music, the rise of streaming services, and global accessibility? I hope to explore some of these questions in a series of columns centered on the philosophy of music: Songtology.
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