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Tiffany Saade
Tiffany Saade is a staff writer in the news and The Grind sections. She is a freshman from Beirut, Lebanon and will probably major in Political Science in the Justice and Law main track with a double minor in International Relations and Human Rights with an interest in Creative Writing. She enjoys riding her yellow bike and singing out loud on Stanford campus! Contact her at thegrind 'at' for additional optimistic conversations about the future, and for some much needed light!

Tiffany’s 21 tips to turn 2021 around, part 1

Even when I was stuck at home, away from the face of the world, the undulatory movement of ink against paper was the most beautiful metaphor setting my heart free, and the purest form of freedom that carried my mind, my heart, my body and my poetry to the much needed light, writes Tiffany Saade.

1 in 900: Cravings and remembrances

I realized that everywhere I went, everywhere I discovered, everything I tested, I was constantly searching for the missing pieces of Lebanon, perhaps in a scent, in a smile, in an Arabic word, in a song or in a whole new world, writes Tiffany Saade.

1 in 900: A move in like no other

I never thought that being away for three weeks would lead me right back to the start, right back to the boxes I carefully taped, the memories I happily stored, the places I adventurously visited and the views I meticulously smiled at.

1 in 900: Till I see you again

In this trip back home, I hold on to the elements that have contributed to the significant growth of my maturity and understanding of an unpredictable society, with all of its plot twists and turns.

1 in 900: The feeling of home

I was reminded that home is a feeling that can exist in any place. I sat on my chair, spinning round and round, mimicking the whirlwind of my thoughts and feelings. Taking in the newness and the magic of this place, I felt a Stanford tree being planted in my heart, right next to my cedar.

Art in isolation

Dancing feet on carpet flooring. Live concerts for an invisible audience. Images, words, old memories — prompted by introspection — unloaded onto a canvas, a page. This is the “new normal” for student-artists amid the COVID-19 pandemic: with limited access to resources like rehearsal spaces and art supplies, visual and performing artists are finding innovative ways to make and share their art.
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