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Tess Michaelson
Tess Michaelson covers R&B and alternative music for the Arts & Life section of the Stanford Daily. She is an undeclared sophomore from Portland, Oregon on the track and field team with interests in English, philosophy, and music. She enjoys playing with dogs, dancing, traveling, and talking in strange voices. Contact her at tess18 'at'

Garrickson & Qole: A Stunning SoundCloud Find

As part of the rising tide of young SoundCloud creators, Garrickson and Qole, a vocalist-producer duo, are set to come out with their first EP rather soon. Along with young artists like Healy, Matt Burton and Caye, these artists form part of a new class of musicians facilitated by a more casual, accessible mode of…

Student creates stunning art from music, images

A friend of mine, Cameron Steinfeld ‘18, recently created something that I really like, so much so that I don’t know how I feel about trying to understand it. The piece is a video, essentially an imagist interpretation of Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” Best described as a translation of the song through…

The Daily’s favorite Soundcloud discoveries of 2015

In recent years, Soundcloud has become one of the foremost music streaming sites, launching new and emerging artists at a rate unmatched by other hosts. From this crowd of talent, music critic Tess Michaelson chose her picks for the best of 2015. 5. Joomanji — Touched the Ground With no shortage of Latin flair, drums and a…

Noname Gypsy: Running from paradise

The room was full with students occupying each crevice of open space, an assemblage of dangling feet and note-taking hands papering the air. Noname Gypsy, an elusive and rising underground rapper from Chicago, visited Stanford’s Harmony House last week for an informal talk and Q&A hosted by the Institute for Diversity in the Arts. A…

Elhae, a born entertainer

Last Friday’s Blackfest: Art & Soul concert was a mellow and refreshing scene, thanks to one artist in particular. With a small and casual crowd, Elhae, an Atlanta based rapper-singer hybrid, came on stage and made what could have been an uncoordinated affair into a laid-back communion. Elhae (pronounced “L.A.” and standing for Every Life…

The elusive Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean, the elusive, indefinable guard of modern R&B, was supposed to come out with his second album in July. And so as we beat on against the October habit, the seed of expectancy continues to fester in the back of so many craving minds. To his fans at least, the both playful and shadowy…
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