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Mirai Nagasu and home

Growing up in China when I was younger, there was this one news story that would show up every time there was a major athletic event like the Olympics. The motif is always exactly the same: a tiny, remote village in the middle of nowhere is holding a glorious homecoming celebration for a native son or…

Fear and silence

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article stated that The Stanford Review provided Robert Spencer with their article on Professor Palumbo-Liu for publication on his blog, however the Review and Mr. Spencer have denied this and the Daily could not confirm the columnist’s claim. In addition, Mr. Spencer was banned from entering the UK…

The American tourist

To be frank, I’m a little frightened by the possibility of studying abroad, not because of culture shock, of the language barrier, or even of the idea of being in an unfamiliar environment. It’s the greater fear of trying to come to terms with the role and the space I will occupy as an American abroad.