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The arc of justice prevails

I start every morning with the New York Times email briefing. Cup of joe in hand, I am inundated with bleeding headlines: stories of authoritarianism, crime, terrorism and war, rampant violence, discrimination and climate change. My perpetual preoccupation with depressing news cycles has its consequences, as it does for readers throughout the world.

America, the land of despotism

You know your government is veering dangerously close to tyrannical when leaders begin hiding the truth from constituents. Chinese censorship masks news regarding protests and collective action. North Korean suppression prevents outside information from entering the country. American officials conduct comprehensive investigations of leading officials, then attempt to redact key details before releasing such reports to the public.

American political celebrity

At a recent event for a 2020 Democratic hopeful, I was struck by a question from the audience. Cloaked in a floral dress and cool demeanor, the woman ever-so-slightly raised her hand. “I saw you speak in New York a few weeks ago. You were different – subdued, diplomatic, placating. Is this just the California version of you? Who’s the real you, Senator?”

The case for Kamala

On Jan. 21, I awoke to a text: “Big news from Kamala.” I didn’t need to check CNN or Twitter to understand. I’d been eagerly awaiting this announcement for quite some time. Kamala Harris had done it. She’d joined the handful of African American women to run for the Democratic nomination for President. She made…

In solidarity

In the era of an American President who endorses “grabbing women by the pussy,” limits on reproductive freedom, pervasive rape culture and disrespectful media representations, feminism is a necessity. The equal rights movement provides an avenue through which to navigate today’s frankly frightening social context.