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Surbhi Sachdeva
Surbhi Sachdeva, a writer for the University/Local Beat, is a sophomore from New Delhi, India. She’s potentially majoring in International Relations, along with an extremely undecided minor (or two). She enjoys debating, writing, finding jewellery in the oddest of places, and Rick & Morty; but only finds true solace in procrastination. For the past 5 years, Surbhi has been actively challenging the claim that the human mind can remember and identify 10,000 scents by smelling nearly everything that she encounters. Contact her at surbhi3 'at'

Palo Alto protesters demand Lytton Plaza renaming in ‘#NameHerToo’ campaign

Thursday evening, protesters gathered at Lytton Plaza in downtown Palo Alto to advocate for its renaming as part of the “#NameHerToo” campaign and in coordination with International Women's Day. The campaign is a response to the fact that while 27 streets in Palo Alto are named after male writers, none are named for female writers, according to the event’s co-organizer Patricia Martín Rivas.

New advising system to replace PMA program next fall

A new advising system for incoming students will soon replace the existing Pre-Major Advising program. Stanford Advocates for Growth and Exploration (SAGE) will apply to first-year and transfer students entering Stanford in the fall of 2018. Unlike pre-major advisors under the existing system, SAGEs will receive different training, serve a more clearly-defined role and be matched to their advisees through a different system, according to Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) director Louis Newman.

Q&A: Zerlina Maxwell on rape culture and sexual assault

Zerlina Maxwell, the director of progressive programming for SiriusXM and former director of progressive media for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, visited Stanford last week. The Daily spoke with Maxwell about her views on the pervasiveness of rape culture and the need for consent education.

Diversity center opening at School of Medicine

The School of Medicine’s Diversity Center of Representation and Empowerment (D-CORE) — the school's first center of its kind — will officially open in Lane Library on Monday for use by School of Medicine (SoM) trainees, residents, students, faculty and non-SoM affiliates.

Faculty and students seek academic pursuit in gaming

Owing to a faculty-student initiative created three years ago to encourage discourse on the scholarly value of games and interactive media, faculty and student members of Games and Interactive Media at Stanford (GAIMS) are now pushing for more extensive academic undertakings in the field.

Three staff members receive Amy J. Blue Award

On Thurs., Apr. 27, Stanford announced the three staff members who were selected to receive the 2017 Amy J. Blue Award. The award honors staff members who are “exceptionally dedicated, supportive of colleagues and passionate about their work,” according to Stanford News.
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