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Stephany Yong

Brogramming and the women-in-tech question

The question I originally posed is easy to answer—after all, we can point to a myriad of studies, testimonials and editorials as to why people think girls are underrepresented in tech. Figuring what we should do to address the issue is a separate topic. Although there is no panacea for this problem, we engage in more meaningful, thorough discussions when we work with girls who are experiencing these issues firsthand, instead of a middle-aged magazine columnist who can only speculate.

Stanford: The Business of Developing People

When talking about Silicon Valley businesses, a friend of mine categorizes tech entrepreneurship into three buckets: the products, the ideas that drive their production and those who fund them. On Sand Hill, we see this play out in a similar fashion: venture capitalists are in the business of developing and funding companies, while companies are…
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