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Stephanie Zhang

Glamorous Grad Student: Diogo Peixoto, neurobiology

This week’s Glamorous Grad Student, Diogo Peixoto, is a sixth-year Ph.D. candidate in neurobiology. Peixoto is researching the neural basis for perceptual decision making and the brain circuits that combine visual information to make categorical decisions. The Daily spoke with Diogo about his experiences in the lab and the path that led him to pursue neuroscience.

Leaders’ smiles linked to culture

According to a recent study by Associate Professor of Psychology Jeanne Tsai ’91, the smiles of leaders from a specific nation reflect the way people desire to feel positive emotions within that culture.

Psych students help produce play production ‘Proof’

As part of their curriculum, students in Psych 1: Introduction to Psychology attended a production David Auburn’s “Proof” over the weekend in order to experience real world examples of the material being taught in class. “Proof” is typically presented as a dramatic reading to the class, however, this year, the class partnered with Noemi Ola…

Student play honors 25th anniversary of the 1989 takeover

Students and alumni presented “25 Years: Honoring Student Activism and the Legacy of the 1989 Takeover” on Thursday, an event to commemorate the student activism that promoted multicultural integration. Organizers also hoped to inspire students to think about what it means to take over their education today.
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