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Stephanie Chen
Stephanie Chen is a senior from Cupertino majoring in computer science and minoring in literary translation. At The Daily, she was previously managing editor of opinions, managing editor of copy, and a member of the editorial board for Vols. 250 and 252. If "work-life balance" were a concept that made sense on this campus, she'd say that she enjoys spending her "free time" swimming, reading longform journalism, hanging out with friends, and making dinner plans that inevitably fall apart.

Chen: The moments that make us

I by no means lived the Perfect Stanford Experience™, that's for sure... But what I do have is vital.

Late-night blues

I’m a night person. Most days of the week, you can catch me up until 3 or 4 a.m. — usually doing work, sometimes hanging out, occasionally going on a cool and refreshing post-midnight run. Late nights are peaceful; there’s a lovely stillness that sinks in once all your friends have gone to bed, and…

Repeatable but not for credit

I’ve always been a little obsessed with memory, with records, with the tangible remembrance of things long past. Four years ago, when Stanford asked me what mattered to me and why, I answered records: “They’re moments lifted out of life and preserved in ink and pixels — reality made transferable for comparison.” One reason why,…

Why The Daily matters: Institutional legacies

I never intended to actually write for The Daily; frankly, I never intended to get involved with this paper at all. Coming into Stanford, I was initially drawn to its wide range of academic journals and bloggy lifestyle magazines — all of which I then forgot to apply to, swept up as I was in…

On division and dialogue: A response to the Editorial Board

Let me say first that I stand fully with the rest of the Editorial Board in condemnation of Donald Trump. I believe that he is unfit — temperamentally, practically, morally — to lead this nation. His lack of awareness of or interest in policy worries me; his blatant disregard for our democratic institutions and the concept…
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