Sophie Andrews

Visualized: Tracking COVID-19 at Stanford

(Up-to-date as of Sep 28 12:30 pm PT) This article will be continually updated on at least a weekly basis. The data for this article can be found on the Stanford Open Data Portal. With reports of COVID-19 cases spiking for dozens of institutions as students return to campus, all eyes have been on Stanford’s…

Diversity in CS: Race and gender among CS majors in 2015 vs 2020

It’s no secret that the tech industry has suffered from a historical lack of racial and gender diversity. And when Stanford’s computer science (CS) department isn’t creating founders of the next Google, Snapchat or Netflix, it’s busy churning out employees for these big tech companies. Given the tech industry’s lack of progress on the issue, this pipeline between Stanford’s CS department and the tech industry highlights the importance of diversity within its students. In this article, we will examine the race and gender demographics of CS majors, and how this breakdown has changed over the past five years.
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