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Skylar Cohen

Q&A with Ge Wang, father of Stanford Laptop Orchestra

Stanford is home to one of the biggest names in computer-generated music: Ge Wang, assistant professor in the Center for Computer Research and Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). Wang established the Stanford Laptop Orchestra, and has worked to develop countless numbers of instruments as part of that endeavor. Wang was recently asked to judge an upcoming…

Stanford athletic facilities increase gym pass prices for non-affiliates

Stanford students and faculty may have an easier time finding space for exercise in Stanford’s gyms, as the access price for Stanford non-affiliates increased on Feb. 1. According to Rebecca Carpenter, Assistant Director of Rec Facilities and Operations for Stanford Athletics, this change was motivated by both increased facility offerings as well as a desire to create more capacity for Stanford affiliates.

Center for African Studies celebrates 50th anniversary

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, the Center of African Studies (CAS) unveiled an image gallery on Thursday depicting members of the CAS community. The unveiling was accompanied by a reception in the CAS and the adjoining courtyard known as “HOME: Solace, Strength, Community.”

RFs assigned to new Lagunita dorms

With the construction of the new Lagunita dorms nearly complete, Resident Fellows (RFs) have been assigned to the new residences as part of a larger reconfiguration of RFs across campus. According to an e-mail statement by Fran’cee Brown-McClure, Associate Dean of Residential Education, nine houses across campus will have new RFs next year. “These changes were…

Campus Valero gas station to close

Those in need of automotive repairs may need to find a new source of help, as the Valero gas station on campus will be closing down later this year, according to a University press release. The station will be closing in May or June; after helping the current owners move out, the University will be making some changes to the area.

‘Teleportation’ Lecture attracts large crowd

Many members of the Stanford community came to an event called “Teleportation” last December. The event featured assistant professor of physics and astronomy and assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue University Tongcang Li, who discussed his work in quantum superposition, or having an entity simultaneously exist in two locations.

Stanford Medicine Green Button project in works

A multidisciplinary team at Stanford Medicine has envisioned Green Button, a proposed system designed to let doctors receive guidance for treating patients with combinations of characteristics that have not been examined in clinical trials. The idea was outlined in an article in the Journal Health Affairs last year.

Istanbul BOSP postponed due to US government travel warning

Students hoping to travel to Istanbul during Winter Quarter as part of the Istanbul Overseas Program will need to find an alternative, as the program has been postponed due to a U.S. government travel warning to Turkey. The announcement was made recently by Ramon Saldivar, director of the Bing Overseas Studies Program, who hoped that the program could resume next fall.

University gears up for 125th anniversary celebration

With Stanford’s 125th anniversary in 2016, Stanford affiliates on campus and around the world can look forward to an exciting series of events this academic year. The celebration will officially begin this October and will continue through next year. According to Nicole Sunahara, director of special initiatives for Stanford, the theme running throughout the celebration will be Stanford’s transformative impact on people’s lives and on the world as a whole.

Stanford Graphic Novel Project creates American Heathen

Over the past fall and winter quarters, students in Stanford’s Graphic Novel Project course have worked together to create a new graphic novel titled, American Heathen. The novel is the end product of a lengthy creative process and tells the unusual life story of 19th century Asian-American civil rights activist, Wong Chin Foo.

Professor creates interactive biotechnology

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, Ingmar Riedel-Kruse, and his team have made several advances in the field of interactive biotechnology, including the development of technology that allows researchers to interact with microorganisms using touch screens.

Busting Stanford myths

New admits to Stanford generally have a good sense of Stanford’s academics and culture from their own research and the promotion materials that they receive prior to Admit Weekend. At the same time, however, admits commonly have some misconceptions about the “Stanford experience.” The Daily interviewed students and professors throughout the Stanford community to give admits a better sense of what being a student at Stanford is really like
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