Shelley Xu

Why it’s OK not to have an opinion

Unfortunately, for most people, having an opinion is little more than projecting an instinctive reaction, based on a limited understanding of the event and a desire to signal to their peers that they ostensibly care about the issue at hand.

she++ thinks big for second year

Ellora Israni ’14 and Ayna Agarwal ’14 are co-founders of she++, a Stanford-based community for women in technology that has been featured on TechCrunch, Forbes and the Huffington Post. The pair has worked for the past year to bring more women into the fields of technology and engineering. While their greatest achievement to date has…

Researchers: Most economic uncertainty since Great Depression

Since 2008 economic policy uncertainty has averaged about twice the level of the previous 23 years, according to the Economic Policy Uncertainty Index created by Stanford economics professor Nick Bloom, Scott Baker, a fifth-year doctoral student in economics, and Steven Davis, professor of economics at the University of Chicago.

Committee to reassess course evaluations

A committee has been appointed to revise the course evaluation process and will aim to submit a proposal for altering course evaluations in the spring of 2013. The committee comes as a response to the Study of Undergraduate Education at Stanford report, which read, “despite some improvements, the [course] evaluation process still leaves much to…

Policymakers discuss technology, development

“Television trumps newsprint, Twitter has trumped the press release [and] the blog post outpaces the first broadcast news,” said John Githongo, CEO of Inuka Kenya Trust and former Permanent Secretary for Government and Ethics to the President of Kenya, to international innovators and Stanford students in Cubberley Auditorium Saturday.

Med school unveils CAP Network

Stanford’s School of Medicine expanded its social networking this fall and launched the Community Academic Profiles Network (CAP Network), a private, internal social-networking service designed specifically for the medical community at Stanford, including students, faculty and staff members.

Public service careers draw graduates

Recent Stanford graduates are increasingly interested in pursuing public service opportunities after graduation, according to representatives of the Haas Center for Public Service and the Career Development Center (CDC).

Panda Express meets mixed response to Tresidder location

Panda Express joined Tresidder Union’s cast of lunch and dinner venues this past summer, replacing Chopstix, another American Chinese eatery. Almost halfway into fall quarter, community response to the new dining option is mixed, in contrast to the negative response the chain received when it proposed to open a location on the UC- Berkeley campus in 2009.
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