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Sebastain Gould

Existential Fortune Cookie: Summer creation

I have had four summers since coming to Stanford. The first was spent in basic training for the Marine Corps. The second was spent in Ramadi, Iraq on deployment, where I turned 21. The third was spent working on campus at the libraries, and the fourth was spent working for Maps and Records at Stanford libraries.

Existential Fortune Cookies: Group memory

One concern that has been brought up in the debate about the Chi Theta Chi lease termination is the loss of institutional memory. This is an issue that affects all of us who participate in student groups and other organizations generally. If you have ever been in a student group at the end of the year, two of the biggest concerns for the next year are what the goals will be and what the group will be like.

Existential Fortune Cookies: Getting around

The Stanford campus is made for pedestrians, first and foremost. Many streets that were passable when I was a freshman no longer are, and the campus is becoming more restricted to traffic. Parking lots are being pushed farther and farther from the academic buildings, and as a result, more people choose to bike and walk.

Existential Fortune Cookies: Fashion or fatality?

An important aspect of existentialism is the idea of authenticity, or presenting yourself as you really are. Being a veteran of the Iraq war, I have worn dog tags for a long time, because I was required to wear them during service. Because of this, I am not quite sure how I feel about nonmilitary civilians wearing dog tags on campus.
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