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Sara Orton
Sara Orton '16 is an opinions columnist for The Stanford Daily. She is currently living and studying in Madrid, and will be avoiding the harsh Palo Alto winter in Capetown next quarter. Sara is an International Relations major and enjoys Amy Poehler, politics, borrowing other people's rally, and complaining about the fall of romantic comedies as a genre. You can reach her at [email protected]

Ebola hysteria: Our focus must shift

The energy we have spent protecting ourselves against a few cases of ebola in the United States would have been put to much better use in stopping the epidemic from killing the thousands it has already taken.

Empowered, not overpowered: A case for Greek housing for women

As a member of a housed sorority at Stanford, I am sensitive to the fact that the Greek system on campus can sometimes clash with the larger campus culture. But for myself and for so many other countless Stanford women, past and present, living in a housed sorority is not about excessive drinking, purposefully excluding…

Call your Congressman and be nice while you’re at it

“You lot are a bunch of effing liars… you all are corrupt and confused and you’re all liars and cheats!” This was the beginning of my workday last Thursday morning. Thank you, kind sir from Wisconsin! With Congress enjoying only a 16 percent approval rating, this man is not alone in his distaste for the…
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