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Samantha Neuber

A ghost story from the halls of Cantor.

As one of the original buildings of the Stanford campus, the Cantor Arts center is certainly old enough to have been host to some creepy encounters with the (potentially) supernatural over the years. Here is one story, provided by Ray Madarang, a preparator at the Cantor Arts Center: Approximately seven years ago, Ray Madarang came…

Goodbye, CourseRank

On October 13, all CourseRank users received a rather disappointing email from Chegg, a textbook rental and homework help company that acquired CourseRank in 2010. The email informed us that on November 30, CourseRank will be taken down, and then proceeded to rub salt in the wound by reminding us of everything we’ll be missing…

A guide to waiting at the post office

So, you’ve opened your P.O. Box to find a little fluorescent green slip waiting there for you. Your package is here, how exciting! Eager to pick up your latest purchase, you walk back to the front of the post office. However, upon turning the corner into the service area, you are outraged to see that…

Kelis releases her new album “Food”

You all remember the song “Milkshake,” right? Of course you do. Just hearing its name should send memories of painfully awkward middle school dances and not-really-knowing-what-a-milkshake-was confusion flooding back to you. What you might not remember quite so vividly is the song’s artist, Kelis. Since her first album in 1999, Kelis’ style has never stayed the…

Campus groups unite to promote sexual consent awareness

A group of student organizations and University offices have collaborated on a campus-wide campaign to educate the University community on issues surrounding sexual consent. The student-initiated campaign -- led by the Women’s Community Center (WCC), Men Against Abuse Now (MAAN), the Office of Sexual Assault and Relationship Abuse (SARA) and Sigma Theta Psi Multicultural Sorority -- was launched at the start of this quarter to facilitate an active discourse on the subject.
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