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Samantha Lynn

Food trucks not returning to campus in the spring

As the ASSU Executive's winter quarter food truck pilot program comes to an end, a lack of student demand means that late-night food trucks will not return to campus in the spring. Lunch trucks, organized by food truck management company Off the Grid, will return next quarter, while Net Appetit, a popular and long-serving food truck, is unlikely to come back.

Another food truck removed, community members protest

Mia's Catering, a Mexican food truck, will no longer serve food on the Stanford campus as per the University’s new mobile food vendor policy. In response, community members have circulated a petition calling for the University to relax their food truck policy, which has already driven the popular food truck Net Appetit off campus.

Food trucks begin service

Food truck management company Off the Grid has partnered with Stanford under the University’s new mobile food vendor policy to provide late night and lunchtime food truck options. The first late-night food trucks appeared on campus on Jan. 11 and 12.

Flipside starts new year under new leadership

This year's first Flipside issue was distributed last week under new leadership, for the first time since it was founded four years ago. Changes under the new leadership include the discontinuation of the numbers section and decision to keep jokes safer and less offensive.
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