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Sam Girvin
Sam Girvin '16 MS '17 was a Daily photographer and coterm in electrical engineering. He served as managing editor of photography for five consecutive volumes and is now enjoying his retirement. He spends his newfound free time at Amazon Lab126, where they pay better than The Daily. Sam grew up in southern California and Tokyo, but currently resides in San Francisco.

Big Game: VR Gallery

Couldn’t make it to Big Game in person this year? Don’t worry, The Daily has you covered with some virtual reality panoramas from the game. On web and mobile, you can click on the image and move around to explore. If you have a Google Cardboard viewer, try viewing the images through Cardboard for increased immersion. The view…

What to see at Outside Lands 2016

It’s August again, and that means that it’s time for another installment of Outside Lands, the annual music festival in Golden Gate Park. This year, the festival is headlined by Radiohead, Lionel Ritchie and LCD Soundsystem, but there’s so much more to see and hear. If you’re one of the lucky people who managed to…

Ken Burns Commencement Address

In his commencement address to the graduating class of 2016, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns dropped his self-described habit of neutrality in order to attack presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.   [justified_image_grid row_height=200 title_field=off rss_url= rss_links_to=permalink rss_description=description]

The Rose Bowl

[justified_image_grid title_field=off rss_url= rss_links_to=permalink]

Stanford vs. Notre Dame

Stanford defeated Notre Dame 38-36 with a last-minute drive ending in a 45-yard field goal by Conrad Ukropina.   [justified_image_grid title_field=off rss_url= rss_links_to=image rss_description=description]

Photo gallery: Big Game 2015

Stanford defeats Cal 35-22 in the 118th Big Game. [justified_image_grid ids=”1107967, 1107976, 1107975, 1107969, 1107988, 1107970, 1107987, 1107971, 1107986, 1107972, 1107985,1107973,1107984,1107974,1107983,1107978,1107982,1107979, 1107968″]

Photo gallery: Stanford vs. Washington

Stanford defeated  Washington 31-14 on Saturday, advancing to 5-0 in Pac-12 play. [justified_image_grid title_field=off orderby=title_asc rss_url= rss_links_to=image rss_description=description]

Photo Gallery: Stanford vs. UCLA

[justified_image_grid row_height=230 title_field=off orderby=title_desc filterby=off limit=0 load_more=scroll rss_url= rss_description=description rss_caching=1]  

Photo Gallery: Stanford vs. Arizona

[justified_image_grid ids=”1104257,1104258,1104259,1104260,1104261,1104262,1104263,1104264,1104265,1104266,1104267,1104268,1104269,1104270,1104271,1104272,1104273,1104274,1104275,11042576,11042577,1104278,11042579,1104280, 1104281,1104282, 1104283″ title_field=off]

California Clásico

The San Jose Earthquakes defeated the Los Angeles Galaxy 3-1 at Stanford Stadium on June 28th, in front of a sold out crowd of over 50,000 people. The game represented the latest installment of the California Clásico, a north-south rivalry between the two MLS teams that has existed since 1996.

The Woolgatherer

[justified_image_grid title_field=off rss_url= rss_links_to=image rss_description=description rss_link=no]

Bearial 2014

The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band performs its annual “Bearial” to commence Big Game week festivities.   [justified_image_grid title_field=off rss_url= rss_description=description]

Stanford vs. WSU

In the first home football game of the academic year, Stanford defeated Washington State University 34-17. The Daily’s recap of the game is here. [justified_image_grid ids=1089544,1089545,1089546,1089547,1089548,1089549,1089550,1089551,1089552,1089553,1089554,1089555,1089556,1089557,1089558,1089559,1089560,1089561,1089562]

A Return to the Farm

[justified_image_grid ids=1088171,1088174,1088172,1088173 row_height=350 prettyphoto_theme=light_square caption_field=description lightbox=prettyphoto]   SAM GIRVIN/The Stanford Daily

In memory of Finnegan

Finnegan, more commonly known as Finn, was the cat of the Rinconada Residential Fellows, Dan Klein ’91 and Michelle Darby. In his time at Stanford, Finn became a fixture of East Campus, and could commonly be found patrolling the courtyards and paying visits to his favorite residences. He was seven years old.   [justified_image_grid ids=1085927,1085930,1085928,1085929 row_height=400]

Coachella 2014

For The Daily’s review of the festival, click here. [justified_image_grid ids=1084854,1084853,1084830,1084831,1084832,1084833,1084834,1084835,1084836,1084837,1084838,1084839,1084840,1084841,1084842,1084844,1084846,1084848,1084849,1084850,1084851,1084855]

Big Game 2013

The Cardinal maintained its stranglehold on the Stanford Axe for the fourth consecutive year. The 63-13 victory represented both the highest scoring output by a single team and the largest margin of victory in Big Game history. With Oregon’s loss to Arizona earlier in the afternoon, the Cardinal claimed its second consecutive berth in the…
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