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Roxanna Reaves

Reasons to get amped about the new season of “House of Cards”

Like you even really need a reason. You don't need to be in Stanford in Government to appreciate the underhanded dealings of this Netflix original TV drama. With Season 2 set to be released today, here are four reasons to ditch your date and stay in with a bottle of wine and the Underwoods.

How to navigate Outside Lands music festival in Golden Gate Park this weekend

Imagine a real life Candy Land — but for grown-ups. The annual music festival Outside Lands will be taking place this coming weekend, August 9-11, in Golden Gate Park, and this year, the event will feature more attractions than ever. Panhandle, Beer Lands, food trucks, oh my! It can be overwhelming to pick and choose the best performances, activities and vendors. Take a deep breath though, friends. Whether you're going for just one day or the whole weekend, a simple strategy will help you navigate the six concert stages, six food "lands" and countless scattered tents.

Decadence: A taster’s guide

Earlier this school year, Stanford's very own sweet shop, Decadence, made its debut in Tresidder Union. While we all know Starbucks’ pastry offerings are consistently yummy, Decadence offers a unique and novel selection of sweets that are definitely worth a try. And, if novelty isn't quite enough to persuade you, did I mention that Decadence also takes meal plan dollars?

Surviving Dormcest

Dormcest…it'll get the best of most of us. When you move in to a new dorm, everyone tells themselves, "Nah, I couldn't. These people are, like, my new family. Yeah, my neighbor's cute, but…we're just such good friends," and you were for about two months. Maybe three months. And then, lo and behold, one night on frat row, things got very out of control, and now you two aren't quite sure where to go from here. Let's look at the options:

Tattoo Tales: Shawn Estrada’s Inspired INk

To the untrained eye, students on the Farm seem like typical future doctors, lawyers and business executives — they all look just the same. A closer examination reveals certain markers and attributes that prove even the blandest Tree has deep roots. A cleverly hidden tattoo placed tastefully on the back of the neck distinguishes Shawn Estrada ’14 from her talented peers.

Fashion: Headwear around campus

Here at Stanford, students not only care about what goes in their heads, but what goes on their heads, too. There are a wide variety of trendy hats, caps and helmets on this campus that can be pretty telling of the wearer. Is she the tea-drinking hippie type? Does he enjoy listening to jazz? Use your cabeza to spot the hidden meaning behind that snazzy sombrero.

Top 5: November Highlights

Some months just don’t get enough credit. November is so much more than dropping temperatures and constant midterms. A closer look at these underrated 30 days of autumn joy shows how much potential this month can have. Here are a few of Intermission’s favorite November highlights.
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