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Ron Rocky Coloma
Ron Rocky Coloma writes about entertainment and artist features. He is interested to pursue a career on the business side of media and entertainment. Ron Rocky is the Financial Officer, Account Manager, and Social Media Director for Vol. 260. Contact him at [email protected]

Art in isolation

Dancing feet on carpet flooring. Live concerts for an invisible audience. Images, words, old memories — prompted by introspection — unloaded onto a canvas, a page. This is the “new normal” for student-artists amid the COVID-19 pandemic: with limited access to resources like rehearsal spaces and art supplies, visual and performing artists are finding innovative ways to make and share their art.

Courtney Cole’s EP ‘Earthquake’ tells the story of finding herself through the healing process

Courtney Cole’s new EP “Earthquake,” which consists of four autobiographical tracks, accentuates finding freedom from within. The artist’s previous releases received praise from Rolling Stone and Huffington Post, enabling her to tour with Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney and Kane Brown, to mention a few.  When she performed on Miranda Lambert’s Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars…
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