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System failure report

When I first started watching Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special, I was struck by his comment that women who had quit their comedy careers because Louis C.K. masturbated in front of them had “brittle spirits.” It seemed so callous to me, so devoid of empathy, that even as he tried to explain that his experiences gave him…

The echoes of #MeToo

The argument that social media activism is just slacktivism has been made one too many times. Every time there’s a new movement, a new hashtag — with it comes the slew of articles calling social media the saving grace of our generation and the responses arguing that these platforms simply absolve complacent users of doing anything…

Covfefe meets Paris

But those facts shouldn’t make covfefe the leading story of the day. Even though President Trump has not announced his final decision on the Paris climate agreement, according to CNN, two senior US officials familiar with the President’s plan have recently said that he is likely to keep his campaign promises and back out of the deal.