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Robert Castaneros

A year in pause

As someone who decided to enroll this year as a freshman, I was curious about why other students decided to take a gap year. So I interviewed three freshmen to hear about their stories during their year in pause, writes Robert Castaneros.

Finding God in all things

What I know now is that life isn’t waiting to be lived at the end of quarantine or when I start working or when I have a family of my own or when I retire. As I have come to realize, what’s holy is what’s right in front of me, writes Robert Castaneros.

An ode to the quiet moments

During my junior year of high school, I took a class called Catholic Justice and Morality. One of our first assignments for the class was a little macabre: We had to write a eulogy for ourselves.

Art in isolation

Dancing feet on carpet flooring. Live concerts for an invisible audience. Images, words, old memories — prompted by introspection — unloaded onto a canvas, a page. This is the “new normal” for student-artists amid the COVID-19 pandemic: with limited access to resources like rehearsal spaces and art supplies, visual and performing artists are finding innovative ways to make and share their art.
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