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Raagavi Ragothaman

The aftereffects of the ‘Freshman 15’

As a fairly underweight 13-year-old, I had an epiphany. Food was amazing. More specifically, the food that had for many miserable years been hidden from me by my overly cautious parents was amazing. For 13 years of my life, I went to school everyday, believing the unbearably healthy fruit in my lunchbox was exactly what…

Another use for Stanford admissions essays

On January 1, 2018, I thought I was finally done with the stress of having to condense my exaggerated life story into a few words to be able to engage with a group of incredible people. I was wrong. Since coming to Stanford, a number of clubs and societies have piqued my interest, many of…

The dangers of living with upperclassmen

When I first filled out my housing application, an all-frosh dorm seemed like the most obvious way to go. So, in my constantly futile effort to not be “basic,” I applied to live in a four-class dorm instead. I justified my choice with the logic that living in a four-class dorm would give me more…

Frosh find forever?

In the four weeks I’ve spent witnessing the remarkableness of Stanford’s incoming students, nothing truly warms my heart more than hearing stories of frosh who believe that they have discovered true love. After all, is there really anything more beautiful than watching two hopelessly romantic freshmen trying to salvage drunken mistakes by referring to them…
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