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Pinnaree Tea-Mangkornpan

Graduate Students in Electrical Engineering jumpstarts grad student community support efforts

Motivated by the loss of her friend and feeling a gap in the support given to graduate students in the department, Chinyere Ifeọma Nwabugwu M.S. ‘10 Ph.D.’14 established the Graduate Students in Electrical Engineering (GSEE) in May 2011 along with six other founding members to foster community among students, faculty and administration.

Population regeneration

The project is run by Magic, a nonprofit corporation Schrom co-founded in 1979. Magic’s members practice valuescience -- science applied to shed light on questions of value, such as cooperation, healthy living, protecting the environment and the betterment of humankind.

Tablets for the blind

Using a tablet computer is a complicated task for the visually impaired, with few tactile reference points on the screen and few, if any, built-in features to make it easier. But thanks to research this summer by Adam Duran, a New Mexico State University senior, that may soon change.
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