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Peter Samuel Moon
Peter is currently a deputy desk editor and a freshman majoring in economics (anticipated). He enjoys soccer, basketball, and fitness.

Stanford archaeologist wins Amy J. Blue Award

Stanford archaeologist Laura Jones is one of three Stanford faculty members to win the Amy J. Blue Award. As director of heritage services and special projects, Jones has been celebrated as “a champion of all things Stanford” and for setting a high ethical benchmark in the care of tribal remains. Jones was recognized by President…

Professor develops wireless energy transfer mechanism for medical chips

Assistant Professor Ada Poon of the Electrical Engineering department recently invented a safe method to transfer energy to medical chips in the body. The technology, which was reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, wirelessly transfers power into the body. As waves travel differently when they come into contact with different materials,…

New executives sworn in at final meeting of 15th ASSU Senate

The final meeting of the 15th ASSU Undergraduate Senate began with the swearing-in of recently elected ASSU Executives Elizabeth Woodson '15 and Logan Richard '15 on Tuesday evening. Woodson and Richard were sworn in by Administration and Rules Committee Chair John-Lancaster Finley '16, who will also serve in the 16th Senate.

Senate discusses SASA, emergency buffer funds

The penultimate meeting of the 15th ASSU Undergraduate Senate focused principally on the continuation of last week’s discussion of a measure to provide the Stanford African Students Association (SASA) with emergency funding following the group’s failure to obtain special fees funding.

ASSU Senate convenes to address SAFE Reform concerns

The 15th Undergraduate Senate convened Tuesday night to discuss last minute concerns over the SAFE Reform proposal – a constitutional amendment that aims to reform the student activities funding process and that will be voted on by the student body later this week – as expressed by some students and the influential Students of Color Coalition (SOCC).

Holston, Finley to run for Undergrad Senate re-election

Two members of the 15th ASSU Undergraduate Senate will seek re-election to a second term through this year’s spring ballot, making them the first incumbent Senators to do so in three years. The Daily sat down with Senate Chair Ben Holston '15 and Senator John-Lancaster Finley '16 to discuss their time in office and their plans for their second term.

ASSU addresses concerns over SAFE Reform

The 15th Undergraduate Senate convened Tuesday night to discuss lingering concerns about the SAFE Reform proposal—a bill meant to help simplify the current student activities funding system—and to finalize decisions on bills regarding Graduate Student Council (GSC) funding and the Green Store

ASSU modifies special fees budgets for student groups

Following an unexpectedly large increase of 20 percent in the total amount of special fees requested by student groups this year, Senate Chair Ben Holston '15 and Appropriations Committee Chair Angela Zhang '16 spent the last week modifying the special fees budgets of various student groups in an effort to mitigate any rise in the student activity fee levied on all students.

Stanford community split on rise of CA minimum wage

The Stanford community holds mixed opinions on the potential benefits and harm from the California state legislature’s recent decision to pass a bill that will elevate the state’s minimum wage from $8 an hour to $9 by July 2014 and $10 by January 2016. The bill, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, will create the highest minimum wage in any state in the United States and cap California’s steady increase in its minimum wage standard over the last two decades.
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