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Pascale Elisabeth Eenkema van Dijk

Classy Classes: POLISCI 336: “Introduction to Global Justice”

POLISCI 336: “Introduction to Global Justice,” taught by Prithviraj Datta, a post doctoral researcher in Ethics in Society, offers students the opportunity to investigate core ethical issues in the realm of international politics. The course is split into three distinct sections. Students first explore the content of global justice, then zoom into the obligations global justice creates in areas such as global poverty, climate change, immigration, warfare and the well-being of women. The course ends by examining the question of whether a democratic international order is needed in order to reach global justice.

Seven Stanford affiliates named Soros Fellows

Seven Stanford-affiliated scholars were recently named Paul and Daisy Soros Fellows, joining 23 other people in the fellowship’s 2016 cohort.. The fellowship provides tuition and living expenses for immigrants and children of immigrants for up to $90,000 over two years and aims to award students who demonstrate creativity, drive and academic success. The awardees have the opportunity to study in any degree-granting graduate school in the United States. The Stanford-affiliated awardees include Abubakar Abid, Binbin Chen, Sharada Jambulapati B.A. ’12, Zihao Jiang, Veronica Manzo, Jenna Nicholas and Suhas Rao. Each will be attending graduate school at Stanford in the 2016-2017 school year or have previously attended Stanford.

Student athletes balance sports and academics

Stanford student athletes have a lot to manage with 20 hours per week of practice, weight training, conditioning and games -- plus the normal academic requirements of any other student. Though student athletes are supported through their academic advisors, coaches and teachers, along with the numerous programs and policies Stanford has implemented, there is still room for improvement.
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