Omar Diab

Passwords and Your Digital Identity

Fundamentally, what do username-password systems imply? Since a username and password have no direct relationship to one’s “real life” identity, it suggests that people “own” identities online. Digital identity is nothing more than property. It can be traded, and users are responsible for protecting their identity online.

The Engineer-Politician

Having engineers and scientists act as politicians would encourage people with less political ambition to participate in legislation, and it would encourage better technical legislation. Politics should be viewed as a public service rather than a profession.

Bitcoin after Silk Road

Some speculate that Bitcoin, an anonymous digital currency introduced at the start of 2009, will have trouble rebounding from the loss of its biggest illegal marketplace. That couldn't be further from the case.

Hyperloop plans promote discussion, collaboration

While Musk’s plans may never materialize, his choice to publish it as an open-design project is an empowering one. It has sparked a lively debate about the state of travel, municipal law and next-generation technology in the United States, while also inviting others to drive the kind of ambitious innovation Musk is known for.
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