Olivia Moore

Researchers use metamaterials to manipulate light

A research team led by Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Jennifer Dionne has made a significant step towards the eventual creation of an invisibility cloak, having designed a metamaterial that interacts with a wide range of wavelengths of light.

Fantasy Stock Exchange winners use trading algorithm

The top three competitors in this year’s Stanford Women in Business (SWIB) Fantasy Stock Exchange (FSE) used a trading algorithm for the first time in the competition's history, allowing them to make thousands of trades and achieve daily rates of return above 20 percent.

Code.org video causes controversy among students, professors

A video produced by Code.org—a nonprofit foundation dedicated to increasing computer literacy—lamenting a lack of high school programming courses has sparked interest and controversy among students and professors, with some expressing concern that computer science (CS) has attained too prominent a role at Stanford.

Citizen coalition pressures Board of Trustees on tenant tax dispute

A citizen coalition called Fair Share at Stanford is pressuring the Board of Trustees and University officials to intervene in a tax dispute involving one of Stanford’s tenants, alleging that the tenant has unjustly withheld millions of dollars in taxes from Santa Clara County. The University has declined to involve itself in the case.

Senators struggle with Constitutional amendments

At the ASSU Undergraduate Senate’s March 12 meeting, senators struggled with two amendments to the ASSU Constitution. One amendment was withdrawn after extensive debate, while the other was initially approved for the spring election ballot before senators realized it hadn’t received the necessary two-thirds approval.

Men’s tennis breaks losing streak with sweep of Furman

The No. 49 Stanford men’s tennis team clinched a decisive 7-0 victory at home against unranked Furman on Thursday, ending a four-match losing streak and bringing their season record to 4-5. “This is a match we should win every time, but it’s also a match we needed to win,” sophomore Robert Stineman said. “We feel…

Prominent individuals weigh in on ASSU divestment debate

As the ASSU Undergraduate Senate prepares to discuss for the third straight week a bill put forward by Students for Palestinian Equal Rights (SPER) supporting selective divestment from Israel, SPER and the Stanford Israel Alliance (SIA) have both received outside statements of support from prominent individuals, including Nobel Prize winners and congressmen.
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