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Nika Soon-Shiong

Life at Summer Chi

During the summer, Sigma Chi—the only fraternity on campus that both owns and operates its own house—turns into Summer Chi, an inclusive house in which the fraternity brothers rent out rooms to students both involved and uninvolved in Greek life.

Top 5 sushi restaurants in Palo Alto

Tired of Stanford’s limited dining options? For a refreshing break from stressful classes and summer jobs, consider indulging in some quality sushi at these Palo Alto restaurants. 1. Jin Sho Aside from its claim to fame as Steve Jobs’ favorite restaurant, Jin Sho is a moderately priced gem known for its yellowtail jalapeno sashimi and spicy tuna rolls. This California Avenue favorite offers generally fast service and reliably good miso black cod. Make sure to call ahead for a reservation, as it is normally packed on weekends.
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