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Politics aside, please

Like all tragedies associated with war, the recent evidence suggesting mismanagement at Veterans Affairs hospitals has led to veterans’ deaths is appalling. However, what it is not is political. Or, at least it shouldn’t be.

A Republican love affair

This is the story of a Republican love affair: a love affair with Benghazi and a love affair with buzzwords. The release of a new poll last week made Republicans fall in love (again): According to Rasmussen Reports, 72 percent of Americans want “the truth” about what happened in Benghazi (what else they would want remains unclear). But that does not give Republicans the right to make hay – or politics – even when the sun doesn’t shine. Where was the Republican outrage when the Bush administration endangered the life of Valerie Plame, the aforementioned CIA operative? It’s time to move on. Move on to Americans in need.


With all of this money being spent, the fundamental principle of American democracy is ignored. The fact of the matter is that more money does correlate to more votes. Between the $2.1 billion raised by Obama and Romney, Obama raised 51.9 percent; he took 51.1 percent of the popular vote. The Center for Responsive Politics finds that the biggest spender in a House race wins nine times out of 10. This should be frightening if you’re a democrat – a proponent of democracy. But it should be more frightening if you’re a Democrat.

Four minority issues more important than ASSU elections

SAFE Reform did not earn the two-thirds share of the vote needed for a constitutional amendment. However, despite a huge effort by the Students of Color Coalition, more students voted in favor of SAFE Reform than voted against. As a student of color myself, I was sad to see the campus unnecessarily divided along racial and ethnic lines. SAFE Reform is undoubtedly something that should be discussed on campus. But there are more important issues facing our state and nation that students of color should be channeling their energy into solving.

Report Card: Obamacare

Yesterday was the last day to enroll in health care without also having to pay a tax penalty for 2014.

That mile marker comes exactly six months after Obamacare was launched. How has it performed? Here, I evaluate Obama’s primary legislative accomplishment’s success for students across communication, functionality and accessibility. Overall, American health care is much better off now than it was in 2013. The uninsured rate has continued to fall and sign-ups are surging. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement, especially in Obamacare’s online accessibility and messaging.

Team America: World Police?

The world today is rife with conflict. As I write, Russia’s parliament has just voted to allow President Putin to send troops into Ukraine. Less than 2,000 miles away, the Syrian Civil War trudges on, taking 130,000 individuals with it. In our hemisphere, Caracas, Venezuela is experiencing a surge of violent riots. Bangkok, Thailand has…

SOTU in Three Words

Congress: Act Now was the clear message of President Obama’s State of the Union last Tuesday. It came with the corollary: If you don’t, I will. This scorn deviated from Obama’s typical style. Each of the President’s five previous SOTU addresses was in response to a specific event and focused on the associated issue. In…